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Our Approach

We seek to create a beautiful place that is seamlessly connected to Stamford, becoming a cherished part of the historic town.  It will be well-served, sociable and rooted, a place that puts people and their environment first, enabling the entire Stamford community to thrive through its:

Illustrative masterplan

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Every house and shop, sports pitch and health centre, school and playground we develop will be easy to access from across Stamford. Roads, bus routes, cycle lanes and footpaths will be created to maximise convenience, safety and minimise congestion and pollution. They will be the arteries flowing to and from the beating heart of the existing town. These will enable the traditional town centre to thrive, whilst giving all residents access to a brand new community hub within Stamford North.

Sustainability and nature recovery

The entire place will be carbon net-zero including homes, roads, utilities and community buildings. We will significantly improve existing levels of biodiversity with Stamford North’s sweeping green areas allowing the growth and reestablishment of native plants and animals.

Beautiful and purpose-led green spaces

Stamford North’s green spaces will not simply be landscaped to look fantastic; they will serve people across the Stamford community through communal gardens, orchards, allotments, parks, play areas, exercise routes and an amphitheatre.

Easy access to sport and healthy living

Our plans will enable healthy routines through carefully designed footpaths, cycle paths, new football pitches and significant funding for local sports clubs and societies. Residents will have the opportunity to enjoy its many amenities without stepping into a car. The Community Hub will include a brand-new, purpose-built Health Centre for the benefit of everyone in Stamford.

Outstanding educational provision for all young people

People across Stamford will benefit from a significant investment in nursery and school places. There will be a brand new kindergarten and primary school with significant upgrades to facilities at existing local schools.

Range of wonderful homes for everyone

Between the parks and fields and around the Community Hub, houses will be built with a focus on beauty, responsibility and utility. They will provide for households of all sizes and all budgets, providing wonderful and affordable homes for local people. Almshouses will be reserved for existing residents.