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What is Stamford North?

Stamford North is a planned new extension to Stamford, located in a small valley directly to the north of the existing town. The site covers an area of 184 acres (equivalent to about 140 football fields), almost all of which is currently arable farmland. It is connected by road to the centre of Stamford by Ryhall Road and Little Casterton Road, and to the A1 to Peterborough and, further afield, Cambridge. It will become home to about 1,350 households, neighbouring the northern edge of the existing town.

Our aspiration is for Stamford North to be a beautiful, thriving and sustainable new place that Stamford will be proud to call its own. Through a landscape-led design approach, and by choosing architecture that suits the surroundings and will stand the test of time, we aim to create a place that over time becomes part of the historic town.

We understand people have some concerns about new development in Stamford and are worried about an increase in traffic, pressure on healthcare services and a lack of things for residents - especially young people -to do.

We believe that a town needs more than just housing to grow successfully. In addition to new homes, Stamford North will provide public amenities to support its residents, including a new primary school, a large park, a new high street with places to eat and shop, and a connecting network of new cycle paths, roads and walkways. We would like to hear your ideas of amenities that are most needed.

Who is developing Stamford North?

The landowner

The Burghley House Preservation Trust is a charity committed to the advancement of historic and aesthetic education and the preservation of buildings of national importance, and in particular the preservation and showing of Burghley House.

The Trust, established in 1969, restores and maintains the fabric of the buildings at Burghley House and the important collection of works of art and furniture that they contain. The Governors of the Trust also look after the land and buildings owned by the charity.

Burghley has a centuries-old commitment to the town of Stamford and sees this development as part of its long-term legacy to the town.

The developer

Master Developer GummerLeathes, led by Ben Gummer and Tim Leathes, have been chosen by Burghley House Preservation Trust to plan and deliver Stamford North.

A ‘Master Developer’ is responsible for overseeing the design, planning, funding, infrastructure provision and construction of large new settlements. Developments delivering over 1,000 homes need a guiding hand to plan and manage the whole process, which deserves a long-term commitment and a responsible and ethical approach.

A master developer remains involved until the very last piece of development is finished and ensures that the new place continues to be managed well. A master developer only succeeds when the community thrives.


Our priorities

Many new developments in rural locations are poorly-designed and masterplanned, and delivered more for short-term profit than long-term value.

We want to be different. We want Stamford North to be known as a special place, a successful part of a thriving town.

We want to be known to you as a caring, responsible developer with a long-term interest in making Stamford North work.

Our values and principles guide how we go about designing and building our schemes.

We are community-focussed

We aim for our work to improve the lives not only of the residents of new homes but of those in the surrounding neighbourhoods and towns.

We are committed to net zero carbon

As we prepare the plans for a development that will outlast us, we have a responsibility to build a place that will contribute to healthy, sustainable living for generations to come.

We are committed to increased biodiversity

We are focussed on achieving a net gain in biodiversity in and around the places we create.

Contact us

Stamford North Consultation,
61 High Street St Martins,
Lincolnshire PE9 2LQ

01780 431 443



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