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Outline Planning Application Update

Following extensive meetings and discussions with local residents and organisations throughout last year, we are delighted to announce the submission of an outline planning application for Stamford North.

Ninety nine percent of the application site is within South Kesteven but as the development needs to include a connection to Little Casterton Road in Rutland, the application has also had to be submitted to Rutland County Council.

The planning application can be found on South Kesteven’s website under the following planning reference: S23/0055

It can also be found on Rutland’s website under the following planning reference: 2023/0019/OUT

Stamford North is a planned extension to Stamford in the South Kesteven Local Plan, which will deliver up to 1,350 homes, significant infrastructure and new services to serve both new and existing residents.

The project is being led by the charity the Burghley House Preservation Trust, with other landowners, and managed by GummerLeathes, a master developer.

Overview of the proposals for Stamford North

Our aspiration for Stamford North is to establish a beautiful, thriving and sustainable new community that Stamford will be proud to call its own. Through landscape-led design and thoughtful architecture, we aim to create a place that over time becomes a cherished part of the historic town of Stamford.

As part of the outline proposals, the scheme will deliver up to 1,350 new homes and significant new infrastructure to serve both new and existing residents including:

  • a new Valley Park;
  • a new large public green space in Gwash Meadows;
  • walking and cycling infrastructure;
  • health services;
  • a new primary school;
  • secondary and sixth form education contributions;
  • sports facilities;
  • allotments;
  • play areas;
  • a new link road;
  • junction improvements;
  • bus service improvements;
  • local shops and amenities; and
  • much-needed homes for people to bring up a family and grow old, including ‘Affordable’ homes.

What we are applying for

The outline application submitted sets out the key infrastructure and building blocks of the development, this is summarised in the description of development and the Parameter Plan.

The description of the development is as follows:

Construction of up to 1,350 residential units (use Classes C2 and C3); two form entry primary school (use class F.1); local centre uses (use classes E and F.2, public house, wine bar, or drinking establishment, drinking establishment with expanded food provision, hot food takeaway for the sale of hot food where consumption of that food is mostly undertaken off the premises); road between Ryhall Road and Little Casterton Road; removal of existing bund; associated green infrastructure including provision of public open space, landscaping, formal and informal play areas; utilities (including drainage); and associated access, ancillary works and structures On land north of Stamford (between Little Casterton Road and Ryhall Road, and east of Ryhall Road).

Parameter plan - click to enlarge

The application’s focus is not the homes themselves but the environment where people will live. There have been months of technical exploration into how best to use the landscape, considering issues such as drainage, building height and traffic flow.

The opinions of many residents and local organisations have been canvassed as well as a six-month consultation period where local people were invited to public meetings to see the plans for themselves and speak to those who created them. The plans for the homes, in different styles and sizes, will come later in the process.

How to view the planning documents

The application can be found on the South Kesteven District Council Planning Portal under the following reference:


Here is our guide to application to help you navigate the documents which comprise the application.


How are you addressing issues with local health services?

Any new development of this size must have the right services in place. Healthcare is critical and as part of the plan, new health services will be provided.

The health services in Stamford are under significant pressure and our conversations with residents this year have highlighted the importance of this issue.

That is why we are committing to provide new health services within the local centre of Stamford North to benefit both new and existing residents. We want to do the best possible for Stamford but any sustainable plan must involve working closely with local NHS partners to determine their involvement and what kinds of health and care-related services the NHS will provide.

Will you be building a new school as part of the development?

As part of the proposals, Stamford North will provide a new primary school.

Significant financial contributions will also be made towards secondary and sixth form provision within the town.

What types of homes will you be providing?

Stamford North’s purpose is to provide much needed, quality new homes for all. There will be a wide range available from one-bedroom apartments to affordable housing and larger family homes.

Detail of the types of homes will form part of future Reserved Matters applications.

What facilities or amenities are you providing for local people?

  • a new Valley Park;
  • a new large public green space in Gwash Meadows;
  • walking and cycling infrastructure;
  • health services;
  • a new primary school;
  • secondary and sixth form education contributions;
  • sports facilities;
  • allotments;
  • play areas:
  • a new link road;
  • junction improvements;
  • bus service improvements;
  • local shops and amenities; and
  • much-needed homes, including ‘Affordable’ homes.

How much open space will you be providing in total?

Stamford North will contain a significant amount of open space: it will provide four times more informal/natural green space than the space required by the council to serve new residents. Stamford North will include:

  • a new Valley Park, a total of approximately 20 acres – four times larger than the mowed area of Stamford Meadows;
  • Gwash Meadows - almost 50 acres of restored landscape - will be a new green space for the town. It will be a place of nature, providing a new habitat for birds and wildlife. Situated adjacent to the River Gwash, it will provide another wonderful space for the people of the town and its visitors; and
  • new sports facilities, allotments and play areas.

How have you considered the impact the development will have on traffic and parking in Stamford?

The development will provide a significant amount of infrastructure to serve both the new and existing community.

The allocation in the Local Plan recognises that this development will generate traffic, as such the proposed development will deliver the majority of a new link road running from Ryhall Road to Old Great North Road. This road will draw traffic generated by the development, as well as existing traffic, away from the town centre.

The proposed development also makes allowance for improvements to four junctions, both within Stamford and on the A1, which will improve safety, capacity and the experience for pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition, the following is proposed:

  • improvements to the bus services;
  • significant walking and cycling infrastructure within the site so residents of the development and the surrounding neighbourhoods can access the shops and services of the local centre without getting in their cars;
  • a large portion of the Stamford Green Wheel - a walking and cycling route around Stamford; and
  • mobility hubs to incorporate bus shelters with opportunities for micro mobility (such as rental e-bicycles).

The application is accompanied by a detailed Transport Assessment and framework Travel Plan which assess and propose mitigation of the traffic impacts of the development.

We have been working closely with Lincolnshire County Council throughout the development of our proposals and will continue to do so throughout the life of the project.

What will you be providing in terms of public transport to serve the development?

We have been working closely with bus operators and Lincolnshire County Council to explore improvements to the bus network in Stamford.

Stamford North will provide a range of new and enhanced bus services to enable journeys to and from Peterborough, Stamford Railway Station, the town centre, hospital, college and other key destinations.

In addition there will be new bus stops, shelters and mobility hubs at key locations within Stamford North to integrate the bus services into the new community.

Will there be further consultation on the proposals Stamford North?

Over the past six months there have been a series of meetings and public consultations to gather feedback and listen to any concerns.

This outline application is only the start of the process, most of the detail is yet to be determined and will form part of future planning applications. We will continue to work with local residents and organisations throughout the process as plans progress.

If you have any ideas, concerns or suggestions, you can get in touch with the team by emailing

When would Stamford North be completed?

We anticipate this project taking 10-15 years to complete.

Will there be any job opportunities as part of the future development?

Stamford North will create a significant number of jobs both directly and indirectly. Conservative estimates are as follows:

  • at least 105 on-site construction jobs per annum;
  • at least 44 new retail jobs resulting from new resident spending;
  • at least 20 jobs on-site in the education sector; and
  • additional employment from the local centre including healthcare workers, hospitality and so on.

We intend to work closely with local schools and Stamford College to set up skills pathways and ensure Stamford’s young people can access these opportunities.