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Stamford North commits to a ‘nature first’ vision

The team behind Stamford North has partnered with Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to deliver on the ambitious plans for a sustainable new community which contributes to nature recovery, increases biodiversity and both restores and enhances natural habitats on the site.
Finding the balance between addressing the UK's housing crisis and upholding sustainability standards is one of the most pertinent issues for developers across the country. The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world: which is something the partners behind Stamford North, are determined to put right.

From the project's outset, the team behind Stamford North has set out an ambitious plan for the project to have a positive impact on the environment including:
  • The development will be net-zero carbon.
  • It will achieve a minimum of 10% net-gain in biodiversity, i.e. 10% more biodiversity than exists currently on the site.
  • It will preserve and enhance natural habitats.
By working together, the Stamford North project will harness the abilities of its leading ecologists, landscape architects and designers in tandem with the local expertise of LWT's team and wider network. The ultimate vision for Stamford North is a community which is integrated with nature, maintains the character of historic Stamford, and achieves a net-gain in biodiversity.

Alice Seller, from GummerLeathes, said “Our aspiration is for Stamford North to be a beautiful, thriving and sustainable new place that Stamford will be proud to call its own. This collaboration with LWT helps us make that aspiration a reality, combining the expertise of our design teams and ecologists with the LWT's unparalleled knowledge of the local environment to ensure a thriving and diverse ecosystem.”

Tammy Marie Smalley, Head of Conservation, from LWT said, “Stamford North provides a significant opportunity to increase biodiversity and contribute to nature's recovery. We look forward to working closely with the team to deliver on the ambitious plans and ensure this opportunity is realised.”